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Hot Water in Turramurra

The pilot light was still burning merrily away when Joseph checked on it.
“How’s it looking?” May called, not wanting to trek down to the garage to have a look at the tank herself. “Is it working?”
“The pilot light’s on,” he replied. He heard her leave, then come back again.
“The water’s still cold. It’s only five, six years old, it can’t be dead yet!” Joseph hoped not, they’d just paid for a holiday, there was no way they could afford a new tank! But, if something was going to go wrong, it was always at the most inconvenient time. “Do you want me to call the Plumber? You’re home tomorrow morning right?” She didn’t let him answer and made a booking with their local Turramurra Plumber for the next day.

The thermocouple had failed, the Neighbourhood Plumber explained after testing the gas hot water tank. May and Joseph stared at him uncomprehendingly. The thermocouple, the Neighbourhood Plumber continued, was a valve that opened and close for the hot water system to function. This was currently closed and would not open, meaning the pilot light was unable to function as it should. The thermocouple would need to be replaced for the tank to work again. This did mean, though, that the tank didn’t need to be replaced. Relieved at this bit of good news, Joseph and May agreed with the work. The Plumber set up and began replacing the faulty section as May left for work. He worked quickly and efficiently, testing his work and cleaning up after himself. With the new valve installed, the tank began to work again, with the water starting to heat up once more.

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