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What are the main causes of sewer clogs?

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It’s always lovely to have trees around as they make homes feel fresher and adds charm to a property. Despite their appeal, trees can also be the cause of various problems, especially with regard to sewage pipes. Tree roots can grow to up to three times the height of the tree. In their search for a water source, they tend to intrude pipes, especially those with loose joints. When pipes are damaged, hearing gurgling or bubbling sounds, experiencing backflow of water and smelling foul odours can be experienced when using the bathroom or toilet.

What can I do to resolve this problem?

A very common way to resolve this problem is to opt for pipe replacement. Broken or damaged pipes are excavated and replaced so the system can function efficiently again. The catch is that it is disruptive to the property and is also expensive.

If that is the case, do I have any other choice?

The good news for you is that there is a different method to resolve broken or damaged pipes known as pipe relining.

Pipe relining is a trenchless method that involves placing a pipe liner into the damaged pipes to fix it. The pipe liner can stretch for up to 50 meters and can cover pipes from 40mm to 600mm in diameter.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

Here are some of the benefits that makes this method a top option for many of our clients:

Cost-efficient. Unlike traditional methods such as regular draining and pipe replacement, pipe relining helps you save on cost. This method requires less work, less materials and less disruption to your property!

New technology. We see to it that we offer new technologies to our clients and pipe relining is among those technologies. Being relatively new, the process uses better materials that are resilient against a range of environmental conditions for a very long time and avoids the hassle often associated with more traditional methods.

Durability. The lining material used in pipe relining is so durable that it can withstand root intrusions and lasts for at least 50 years. It is a guarantee that we give our clients!

Time efficiency. Pipe relining, unlike many traditional methods, can be done in just a matter of hours.

How is pipe relining carried out?

Here are the steps involved in pipe relining:

Partial Cleaning. The first step of the process is partially cleaning the pipe to prepare it for a video inspection.

Video Inspection. The second step is conducting a CCTV inspection to assess the extent and location of the damage to the system. You will also be able to see this video so that you can view the nature of the damage and decide if the measure is feasible or not.

Complete cleaning. Once we have agreed to proceed with the pipe relining process, we will thoroughly clean the pipes to remove obstructions. In this process we will use the water jetter to also get rid of plant roots.

Lining installation. The lining material will then be inserted into the pipe. This will help fix the damaged pipe’s interior. The calibration tube will be inflated and then steam or hot air is introduced to cure it in place.

Re-inspection. The final step is another CCTV inspection to make sure that the lining has properly cured.

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