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  • Blocked drains

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Emergency Plumbing in Turramurra

No matter what he did, whether he left the phone next to his bed, or on the other side of the room. Even alarm clocks, nothing seemed to work. Sebastian screwed on shower taps and scrubbed himself down frantically. How the heck could he keep oversleeping his alarm? Did he sleepwalk?! He hissed as soap got in his eye. No matter how late he was, though, he would never not have a shower. He needed one to function through the day. Being a few minutes late, annoying, but okay. Walking through the day feeling like a bucket of mud someone decided to name and give a credit card? Not so pleasant. He turned off the taps and reached for his towel, before turning back and turning off the taps again. The hot tap was already off, but the cold? He stood out of range of the icy water and kept turning the tap. Around and around it spun, the water spraying out no less furiously. Great. He dressed, grabbed his bag and car keys and shut off the water to his home as he left, trying to imprint on his brain that he would need to message his girlfriend. She was working nightshift and probably wouldn’t appreciate the ice stream that would await her (if she could figure out where the water was first).

The Turramurra Plumber met Sebastian on site. He’d been given leave to head home early, as long as he shouted everyone lunch the next day. Weighing this against a happy home life with a girlfriend who could enjoy having a house with flowing water? He agreed. The Plumber checked the tap and pulled it apart, careful to make as little noise as he could. Mel was asleep in the main bedroom. After looking at the internals, the Plumber showed Sebastian the failed parts. He would service both taps and replace the worn washers so that it wouldn’t happen again. The Neighbourhood Plumber worked quickly and efficiently, reattaching the taps to the walls once he was done. Then it was the moment of truth. Sebastian turned the water back on to the house and ran inside to see the verdict. The Plumber turned the taps on, and then off. They worked again! The Plumber did a quick run through of the rest of the house with Sebastian, just to make sure that nothing else needed to be checked. The rest of the taps were fine, and the toilet was in good condition. Satisfied that he’d been well looked after, Sebastian thanked the local Turramurra Plumber and assured him that the Neighbourhood Plumber would be the first number on the list if another plumbing emergency came up.

For a local Turramurra Plumber you can rely on in a pinch, call your Neighbourhood Plumber. Whether you can smell gas, your hot water system has burst, or your toilet is refusing to drain, book now on 0488 886 250!

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